Covid-19 Links – Travellers, Departure and Arrivals

Covid-19 Links  - Travellers, Departure and Arrivals

A List has been supplied of Covid19 information generally, for oversea travel and arrivals, and general assistance in Victoria with vaccines and booster shots, bookings, international travel safe zones, informration for those arriving in Australia – for the correct information at this time.

Important links:  

Here’s what’s changed in Victoria from 11:59pm 15 December 2021: 

People who are under 18 will no longer be required to show proof of vaccination status at hospitality venues (the current arrangement is 12 and above) The mandatory vaccination requirement when it comes to non-essential retail will be lifted (except for hair and beauty services) The vaccination requirement will also be lifted for real estate And also at places of worship, including for weddings and funerals Masks will still be required in retail settings But face masks in those religious settings such as weddings and funerals or ceremonial settings will not be required Workplaces exposed to a positive coronavirus case will no longer need to undertake the same level of extensive deep cleaning they had historically 

Brief information about Omicron 

It is potentially more transmissible than the Delta variant Omicron spike protein has been targeted in producing vaccines  Detecting – most PCR will indicate COVID-19 infection but not the specific variant.  Genomic sequencing is the only definitive means of establishing Omicron infection and this requires time. On mutation – Omicron is highly mutated, clustered and has ability to mutate quickly,  It also rapidly replaces other existing variants in an affected community Research is ongoing about transmissibility, virulence and immune evasion Mask and social distancing are recommended as measures to reduce transmissibility Boosters are encouraged as evidence of triple dosing with Pfizer shows promise with Omicron To inform the future of the COVID-19 Roadmap, tracing Delta and Omicron as restrictions are eased and monitoring how the hospital systems cope might be taken into consideration. 


Covid-19 Links  - Travellers, Departure and Arrivals



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