Afghani refugee Aleena Qazikhil supports women in making Shepparton home

Aleena Qazikhil

Shepparton’s Aleena Qazikhil knows all about the strength of women.

As a child, she saw it in her mother who single-handedly raised Aleena and her five siblings in Afghanistan while Aleena’s father was trapped in a detention centre.

She ignited that same strength in herself when she arrived in Australia at 16 and grappled with strange new customs and a foreign tongue.

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Meet, greet and be inspired at Friendship Cafe

Cr. Seema AbdullahShepparton’s female immigrants will have a chance to forge new connections and learn more about opportunities locally, in a safe, female-only environment tonight. Ladies are encouraged to attend and interact with Shepparton Mayor, Councillor Seema Abdullah at the Cafe. This will take place at the Foodstore, 53 Fryer Street, on Friday 7 February from 10:00am.

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