Conversation In Isolation

Conversation In Isolation


Are you currently struggling to stay socially connected during the COVID-19 lockdown, and would like someone to talk to?

We are a group of Victoria-based medical students who started Conversation in Isolation to help support Australians who are at risk of loneliness and social isolation during the COVID-19 crisis. You sign up, and we match you with a student volunteer to be your ongoing telephone supporter. They’ll find a time that suits you, and call every so often to say hi, have a friendly chat, and lend an ear to whatever’s on your mind.

If you or a friend/family member would like a friendly chat to pass the time, we’re here for you! Currently, we have students capable of fluently conversing in languages such as Mandarin, Cantonese, Sinhalese, Burmese, Vietnamese, Greek, Hindi, Punjabi, French, Thai, Afrikaans, Hebrew, Gujarati, German, Spanish, Tamil, Malayalam, and the list goes on!

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