International Migration Needs More Than Just Collective Attention; It Needs Collective Action

International Migrants DayOn the occasion of International Migrants Day, the United Nations Network on Migration calls on the international community to strengthen collective action to protect migrants’ lives, reduce their vulnerabilities and maximize the benefits of safe, orderly and regular migration.

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visual communication

With its #StandUp4Migrants campaign, UN Human Rights aims to bring hope and shared values to the core of how the story on migration is told. Through changing the way we tell stories about migrants and migration, we can bring communities together and ensure the human rights of migrants are upheld.

Ellena Ekarahendy designed the powerful illustrations which are at the heart of our campaign. Ekarahendy is a visual communication designer based in Jakarta, Indonesia, and believes in ‘good design for good deeds.’

Depicting unity and community, she tells us about the power of art to bring people together.

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