Mapping Social Cohesion 2022: Discrimination and prejudice

Mapping Social Cohesion 2022: Discrimination and prejudice

The 2022 Mapping Social Cohesion survey indicates Australians continue to strongly support ethnic diversity and multiculturalism, in line with a long-term positive trend.

But people also continue to experience discrimination based on their skin colour, ethnic origin, or religion. Negative perceptions also persist in Australia about different groups, including Muslim Australians and non-European migrants. While 90% of respondents have positive views about migrants from Europe or the United Kingdom, this drops to 70% for Indian immigrants, and about 60% for arrivals from Ethiopia, Lebanon, China, Iraq and Sudan.

While the problems persist, the overall trend is positive. In 2020, 52% of respondents reported having positive feelings towards Chinese immigrants. In 2022, that increased to 61%. During that same time-frame, respondents with negative attitudes towards Muslims decreased from 40% in 2020 to 29%.

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