Australia urged to adopt plan to fight ‘resurgence of racism’

Race Discrimination Commissioner Chin Tan

Australia needs a new national anti-racism framework to address prejudice against Asian Australians due to the coronavirus pandemic and the legacy of “hatred” towards Muslims following the Christchurch attacks, the race discrimination commissioner says.

Chin Tan will on Wednesday launch a concept paper for the framework ahead of Harmony Day on 21 March. In a speech, he warns that racism is a “significant economic, social and national security threat”.

Chin Tan will be speaking – in Shepparton – at African House on Saturday, 20 March, at a Harmony Day event hosted by the Ethnic Council of Shepparton and District.

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Racism in Australia hasn’t changed during Covid-19

Settlement ladyGo back to your country,” said a man driving past as I was walking near the Immigration Museum, of all places. For those from ethnically and culturally diverse backgrounds, experiences like this are all too familiar. Racist incidents, especially verbal abuse, takes a split second and by the time I realised what the driver had said, the car was gone.

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