Coronavirus hardship payment for temporary migrants, refugees in Victoria doubled

migrants hit by job lossesTemporary visa holders, refugees and undocumented migrants in Victoria who are ineligible for federal government support can now access an emergency payment of $800 to assist with financial hardship caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The announcement on Thursday doubles the original $400 per-person hardship payment introduced earlier this year. People who have already accessed the original payment will also be eligible for the additional funds.

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Survey shows how COVID-19 has trapped temporary visa holders

temporary visa holders

At the first sign of lockdown due to COVID-19 in Australia and across the globe, there were concerns domestic and family violence would increase in prevalence and intensity. It was also feared that, at the same time, conditions would prevent women from coming forward.

We have now gathered data showing these fears were well founded.

But what of the specific situation of female temporary visa holders?

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