Malaysia says Australia’s immigration system encourages visa rorting

Malaysian FlagAustralia’s immigration policies, including free flights home for people who overstay their visa, have contributed to a rise of Malaysians rorting the local visa system, according to the Malaysian Government. Deputy Foreign Minister Marzuki Yahya told Malaysia’s Parliament on Tuesday that Malaysians received “light punishment” for breaching visa conditions in Australia, given they were flown back without being charged for the flight.

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Border Force working to stop Malaysians in ‘orchestrated scam’ to stay in Australia

Malaysian passportBorder officials are refusing entry to 20 Malaysians at Australian airports every week, to address what has been dubbed an “orchestrated scam” to gain access to the country. Malaysians can visit Australia once they have applied for a tourist visa online. Once in Australia, thousands are applying for protection visas, allowing them to stay and work during the application and appeal process.

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Border Politics Film Night

Border Politics screenshotBorder Politics – an Australian documentary which follows Human Rights lawyer Julian Burnside as he examines attitudes to refugees and human migration patterns worldwide – will be screened in Shepparton on evening of Thursday 18 July. Julian Burnside will be present for a Q and A session.

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Multicultural Aged Care in Regional Victoria

Ethnic Communities Council of Victoria logoThe ability to access care is essential for the health and wellbeing of culturally diverse older people living in regional Victoria. The Ethnic Communities’ Council of Victoria believes that further research is needed to assess service gaps to culturally diverse seniors in regional Victoria. A number of gaps and barriers to equitable aged care for culturally diverse older people in regional Victoria are simply unaddressed. This report summary identifies key areas and recommendations for improvements to Aged Care for Culturally Diverse residents in regional Victoria.

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Know Your Roots

Know Your Roots logo

The Know Your Roots model and program has been identified as a tool that elicits belonging and participation, a stronger sense of worth, resilience in the acceptance-rejection parameters of legitimacy, an abiding sense of social justice and equity in the Social Cohesion through Education Program. It is an element of the Social Cohesion through Education Pilot Project.

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Global refugee numbers hit 70 million

<truck surrounded by peopleThe number of people fleeing war, persecution and conflict has soared above 70 million, the highest level ever recorded, according to the UN’s refugee agency UNHCR. Data from UNHCR’s annual ‘Global Trends’ report shows that almost 70.8 million people are now forcibly displaced. This is double the level of 20 years ago, 2.3 million more than a year ago, and is about as many people as there are in Thailand or Turkey.

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