Refugee Trauma Counselling Program

Primary Care Connect logoPrimary Care Connect conducts a free Refugee Trauma Counselling program. Those who have come to Australia on humanitarian protection visa (refugee) or as an asylum seeker are eligible for this program.

The Refugee Trauma Counselling Program specialises in counselling and support for people who have experienced torture and trauma prior to arrival in Australia as refugee and asylum seekers. Survivors of torture and trauma can experience many psychological symptoms. Traumatic events can cause ongoing anxiety, a sense of helplessness, depression and sensitivity to reminders of violence. Often most profound is the sense of loss and grief for loved ones who have died or been left behind. There is no cost for people seeking counselling and support in relation to this program. Eligibility is limited for those who have entered Australia on a humanitarian protection visa (refugee) or as an asylum seeker (seeking protection from persecution).

To access the Refugee Trauma Counselling Program please contact Primary Care Connect on (O3) 5823 3200 or visit their website at


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