Future Proof your Career

Latrobe University LogoLatrobe University – in collaboration with Harmony Alliance, the Australian Institute of Project Management (and others) will offer an online introduction and overview of this FREE program – for Female Migrants – on Friday, 15 July 2022.

The tools you need to future-proof your career

Jobs across all industries are transforming thanks to the far-reaching influence of massive digital disruptors like automation, digitisation and machine learning. To future-proof your career, you’ll need the skills to adapt and thrive, no matter where your path takes you.

When we talked to Australia’s leading CEOs as part of our course design process, we discovered something interesting.

Subject matter expertise will always be in demand. But those CEOs told us they now prioritise distinctly human skills – those that can’t be automated or replicated by machines.

To succeed in your career, you now need the creativity to apply your knowledge to whatever comes next. The resilience to handle obstacles. And the communication skills and social intelligence to successfully negotiate in a changing world while supporting your colleagues and friends.

Future Proof Career Development Program is a tailored program offered to migrant women in Australia.

This online program includes a variety of educational activities tailored to different experience levels, skill sets, and qualifications.

To learn more about this Free program, you can join our online Information Session:
Date: Friday 15th of July 2022
Time: 12:30PM AEST
Location: Online -Zoom
You can join this session via Zoom using the link


Future Proof Your Career



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