Community Hubs in Shepparton

Community Hubs serve as gateways that connect families with each other, with their school, and with existing services. Dozens of community hubs operate under the National Community Hubs Program – recognised as a leading model to engage and support migrant women with young children. Shepparton Community Hubs are based at St Georges Road Primary School & Shepparton English Language Centre, Wilmot Road Primary School and Gowrie Street Primary Schools. 

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Goulburn Valley African Australian Association

Mr Charles Orguntade, Chair of Goulburn Valley’s African Australian Community Taskforce addressed the official Taskforce launch, held on Thursday 24 January 2018 at St Paul’s African House in Shepparton. The needs and the aims of the African-Australian Community Taskforce are outlined.

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South Sudanese Parenting Program

A South Sudanese Parenting Program was offered to Parents and Schools in Shepparton in September of 2018 at several locations. The program was seen to be important for imparting parenting skills to settlement families in this region.

Parenting involves a broad range of understanding and support for children, such as their physical, social, emotional, cultural needs and their intellectual developments. Migrating to a new country and culture comes with a lot of challenges. Almost inevitably, children are quickly absorbed into the educational system and start catching up with the new culture much faster than their parents.

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